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A Brief Focus on Expectations & Fulfilling Our Potential

ARC Guide Level 2
Ideal for those acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community.

Photo by Sebastian Voortman

The alcoholic, the drug addict, the absent parent, video game junkies, phone addicts;–it doesn’t matter what the coping mechanism is, the real addiction is the homeostasis that they bring to our bodies and minds–the stress release. When nothing is amiss…no screaming children, no nagging spouse, no concerned family member…just me and my own self resetting to zero. It is this addiction to zero that controls us. Our bodies produce the stress hormones we tell them to produce when we are out of touch with reality; when our expectations are beyond normal. We say or think things like, I have kids but they shouldn’t be quintessential children; they need to be emotionally mature adults around me or I can’t cope. Our bosses, our spouses, our family members all look down on us when we are in our sub zero state. So, when we’re resting comfortably at zero, or one or two we actually feel great! We feel respected and loved and cherished. We’re told that we are someone’s rock and steadfast lover of their souls, and we believe it. We also believe it, when we’re told that we are neglectful when no one is looking and a sorry excuse for a Christian and that we are leading people astray towards some errant belief. We want to be operating at 100% but, as well, we feel guilty for wanting more because we’re accused of wanting to be the big man on campus; the harvest gods. We operate at around 80% in some areas like work or faith, but around 10-20% in others. Our addiction to zero holds us steady in its grasp. Ask about any area in our lives and we will give a standard for what we expect our lives to look like. Unless we fix the standard in our minds we will not adjust how we behave on a regular basis to raise our standard of homeostasis.

Ammi Ruhama Community Christian Union


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