We are Ammi Ruhama Community Christian Union; an online and in life community of believers united in love, faith and hope and committed to living as the people of God who have received mercy in all of life.

This hub is our online presence designed to supplement our various in life manifestations. There are links to video teaching, in-depth written material by various mature believers in the community, a few podcasts created by members of the community, occasional short devotional teachings, and longer analyses and propositions.

So, have a wander around at your own leisure! You can scroll down to the bottom of every page and search by category, or, if you prefer the full tour, click on the link below to discover more about Ammi Ruhama Community Christian Union.

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He Makes Himself Known

“Experience or rational thought without revelation puts the cart before the horse and are both instances following revelation and are not in themselves indicative of learning and knowing nor accurate measures for distinction between justified belief and opinion.”

In, “He Makes Himself Known,” Daniel takes a more technical look at Nerahism in regard to salvation and spiritual growth.

“We desire to see the people of God live as one with one another and with God as God is one with Himself in our lifetime. To see a fresh wave of familial love spread over the body of Christ such that tribal, theological, political and cultural walls and barriers are toppled with no stone left unturned. In their place we desire to see the Spirit of God move in and through all of His people unhindered and unquenched like the firing synapses of the brain; every moment of every day both while active and at rest making fresh interconnections and fulfilling God’s will on earth through us as it is in Heaven”

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