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Podcasts | Editor’s Pick

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These are podcasts created by members of the ARC community. Enjoy the thought provoking topics and subscribe to each of them to show your appreciation and desire to hear more helpful commentary on the Word and Christian life.

Not My People’s Podcast

A backlog of audio from our initial meetings as well as some special episodes of meditation and affirmation material put together by Daniel Bacon. Enjoy!

What Would You Do if We Poked You in the Axiom

Michael Dion co-hosts a panel of men who discuss the axioms of life; those truths we believe are self-evidently true and they poke them with examining questions.

Morality Part 3 – What Makes an Action Moral? What Would You Do if We Poked You in the Axiom?

What makes an action moral or immoral? Is anything moral? Is everything moral? Join us for our final episode on morality, and the final episode of this season. We'll see you again after the break!   Join us on Facebook at This episode recorded at the Black River Innovation Campus in Springfield Vermont and is sponsored by Indelible Inc. (

Community Favourites

These podcasts are not strictly part of our community but they have continually blessed many members in the community and served as the catalyst for many a spiritual conversation among the people of God.

The Holy Post Podcast

Phil Vischer (of Veggietales fame) and Skye Jethani (former pastor and writer for Christianity Today) team up to bring humour, ukulele and thoughtful Christian commentary to the world. Enjoy!

French Friday: Transgenderism & Parental Rights The Holy Post

It’s becoming increasingly clear that parental rights is poised to be a significant issue in the 2024 election, particularly as it relates to transgenderism and gender-affirming healthcare. Skye Jethani talks to David French about his recent editorial that provoked a backlash from both ends of the political spectrum. French explains why recent efforts in California and Texas, which take opposite positions on youth transgenderism, both violate the long-affirmed rights of parents to make healthcare decisions for their own children without government interference. Is it another case of both the Right and Left embracing illiberal and unconstitutional tactics to fight the Culture War? Or, does the rise of transgenderism among kids demand the government’s intervention regardless of what parents want? 0:00 – Theme Song 5:22 – Don’t Let the Culture War Degrade the Constitution  11:00 – Parental Rights in California 21:47 – Parental Rights in Texas 33:52 – Kaylee McGhee White’s Critique 46:52 – Navigating the polarization of our communities  1:01:40 – End Credits   Links mentioned in interview   Don’t Let the Culture War Degrade the Constitution Yes, the state has both the right and the responsibility to restrict gender ideology Other resources: David French:   Support us and find premium content by going to   The Holy Post is supported by our listeners. We may earn affiliate commissions through links listed here. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
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