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Wisdom in Love

A Brief Contemplation on Wise Living in a Community of Love

Ideal for those already acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

We have two seemingly opposing concepts in the Word. One is to be a part of a community of love which, among other things, always trusts. We are also told that wisdom is the ultimate pursuit. So, how can I be wise if in living in my community of love I always trust? Will I not eventually be led astray by one of the community who, perhaps, does not have my best interests at heart, but only their own? The unloving action we are considering is that someone in my community may someday lie to me; tell me a half truth or perhaps completely make it up and if we are a community of love, I am obligated to believe them, even if I know they are lying. What is the sin? Is it that they they feel that they must hide and please me all of the time? That if I am unpleased with them that they may lose some spiritual status among the body of Christ? If that is the case then the problem is with me! I have created a Symbiotic Organisation that is not a community of love but a community of faith. Whatever sin our communities struggle with the most is an indicator of our failure to create communities of love first and then faith and hope. Faith communities produce undercurrents of private theologies with a weekly affirmation of what the whole body supposedly believes–we lie in order to maintain spiritual status. In communities of hope we produce undercurrents of private lives with a weekly affirmation of how the whole body has said we believe we ought to live–we lie again. In communities of love, we do away with the pretence of unifying over exactly what we believe or exactly how we ought to live, and unify in the love and mercy of Christ. In communities of love there is no need to lie about what we believe or how we are living because we are in process of working out our salvation with fear and trembling. In this way, when we speak it comes from a place of inherent truthfulness because we know that God is our judge and that the ones we are speaking to are our fellows in His mercy and fellow pursuers of wisdom.

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