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Introduction to the Mindsets

Watch the Video First and Then Read the Study Sheet

Ideal for those getting acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

There are three basic mindsets that people tend to fall into: naturalnominal, and spiritual. Each of these mindsets addresses a further three areas of life and practice called ethics, motivation, and endgame. Each mindset believes that the goals of every other mindset respectively are achieved through what it values most. Thus, the natural mind believes that through ethics we will achieve the right motives and endgames, while the nominal mind believes that the best motivators will result in the best ethics and best endgame, while the spiritual mind believes that the endgame informs the motivations and ethics.

Natural Mind

The natural mind is ultimately concerned with factual correctness as a means of evaluating ethics. It equates righteousness with being “right,” and is ultimately motivated by being right. The endgame of the natural mind is to have the final word and have it be right.


Right is Righteous

Common Arguments:

2+2=4 and nothing can change that!

Don’t you want to be right/safe/pure/holy/loving?


Doubles down on raw data and/or the company line for the sake of being right—the endgame is to be found right(eous) at the final judgment.

Nominal Mind

The nominal mind is concerned with finding the ultimate motivation. Ethics are ultimately determined by their motivations and the endgame is to reach your full potential as a result of the ultimate motivation.


Motivation & Discipline = Success

Common Arguments:

Can you imagine what it would be like if we all obeyed Jesus?

What we need is revival (of motivation)!


Seeks the ultimate motivation and defines success as doing the right things for the right reasons—the endgame is fulfilling our potential!

Spiritual Mind

The spiritual mind is concerned with obeying the Father in achieving His endgame. Ethics are determined by the Father. The motivation for obedience is love.


Obedience to the Father

Common Arguments:

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven


Realizing the Father’s endgame in all areas of life motivates obedience to Him in all things. Nothing is left ambiguous or untethered so as to assume good and evil are ours to decide.

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