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A Brief Devotion on the Meaning of Life

Ideal for those well acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom

If the world we live in was created for the purpose of intersoul communion then the whole point of every life is to communicate effectively. Some would argue that it is simply to know, but if the point of life is to know the ultimate knowledge then once I know that knowledge my job is done and I have no incentive to communicate it–my purpose is met with a dead end. If my purpose, however, is to communicate effectively then my job is never done seeking the ultimate knowledge and communicating it to the world. We can know or think we know many things in isolation and fail to communicate that knowledge effectively and therefore fail in our purpose. I can know there is a God and tremble but not commune and be one with Him. The God who created the universe for intersoul communion desires communion with our souls and desires that we would have communion with one another. The content of that communication is where everyone differs. What information could I learn apart from which nothing else makes sense and by extension what message should I devote my life to communicating effectively to as wide and diverse a group as possible? These are worthy questions to pursue. In our infancy we must learn to communicate to survive and now we must become fluent in the best news ever and how that applies to our lives.

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