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A Gospel Narrative from Creation to the Cross

Ideal for those well acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community and with other Christian Communities

Photo by Lokman Sevim

Questioning our Existence

What is the nature of creation, what purpose does it serve, and what is my purpose in it? These and other questions rattle around in our minds as we seek to make sense of our experiences. I offer this gospel narrative from creation to the cross as an answer to these questions and an invitation for intersoul communication.


Creation is an interface for reality. People, places, and things are communicating information like a barometer communicates information about weather to those who know how to read it. We create secondary interfaces like the barometer, within the primary interface to help manage and predict that information but the secondary interface is not the primary interface, and therefore not communicating reality directly to us but through one or more stages of translation. For instance, the barometer is not weather, it only communicates weather, so if it is not accurately calibrated it will give us incorrect information about the weather. Weather itself is part of the primary interface and so it communicates information about whatever weather is an interface to communicate. Such is the sun and the moon and the stars and everything naturally occurring–all are a part of the original interface that communicates something for us to discover. 

Shadows & Interfaces

Plato postulated that reality is like shadows on the wall of a cave . The shadows indicate the exact matching thing on the outside of the cave, but this does not, in my estimation, have to be the case. Material things do not have to have a corresponding thing that is the full essence of it. A chair, for instance, is not a chair because it has essential chairness, it is a chair because we assign and rearrange parts of the original interface to assist and make us more comfortable within the system while we receive the information that the interface was designed to communicate. The chair becomes a manifestation that allows, assists and makes us comfortable when we act in ways we want to act within the interface. Sticking with chairs, if I sit in the right chair it communicates information about me to other people. If I sit at the head of a table, depending on my culture, it is an indication of my status in relation to those at the table. If I sit in the only chair in the room the chair communicates my preferred status to everyone else standing in the room. So then, it is necessary to distinguish between the primary interface which communicates primary information and secondary interfaces which communicate secondary information. 

Primary Interface

The primary interface communicates information about outside of the interface to us which is vital for our sustained physical presence within the interface. Our bodies, for instance, are primary interfaces for our souls which, ultimately, reside outside of the interface but for sanity’s sake are fully identified to our bodies. If our bodies are damaged, our souls do not receive equal damage. If our bodies die then our souls go on. So, if our bodies are the interface for our soul, what message were our bodies created to communicate? I believe our bodies were created to communicate our souls to one another. We cannot, by means of the rest of the primary interface, communicate with the soul of a loved one who has passed from their physical body–they are disconnected from the interface. It stands to reason then that if the interface was created for the purpose of intersoul communication, then there is someone who wishes to communicate with us. Someone created a whole interface in order to do it and injected us, one by one by one into the system. We learn intersoul communication first via secondary interfaces like language and body movement and culture. As we learn to communicate with more and more people of varying languages and cultures we start to realize that we all act in extraordinarily similar ways and that we are all really one people. We postulate about the one who created the system and perhaps at the right time this person communicates with us. They open our eyes to reality beyond the interface they have created for intersoul communication with us! That person is God.

Secondary Interfaces

Secondary interfaces have the unique quality of  having a created purpose beyond the elements of the primary interface that were used to create it. To return to the barometer; it is made of many elements of the primary interface but, when organized in a particular way, it becomes a barometer; a one way interface that communicates weather to the user for their own knowledge. 

In the record about Adam and Eve, they were originally ‘naked,’ or exposed; our term for having no secondary interface with God or with one another. When they went against God, they used parts of the primary interface to cover their shame from one another and God. It was a sign that sin had created another interface through which God and humanity had to now communicate with one another. God deemed their covering to be insufficient and sacrificed an animal to cover their nakedness. The record shows that over time more interfaces would be created to facilitate intersoul communication and that, eventually, these interfaces became the focus and supposed purpose of life instead of intersoul communication. We are born into and initiated into innumerable secondary interfaces; governments, religions, cultures, languages, schools of thought, and so on and so forth that we claim make intersoul communication easier and more possible. Consider, however, our most sacred relationship. In the record, it is said of marriage, that the two will become one flesh; that all secondary interfaces will be removed from between these two people and their bare souls would know one another and in their knowing they would create another soul with which to interface.

In the record, Cain and Abel get into their famous altercation about their secondary interface with God. It is possible that this ceremony was a rite in the making; that when Adam and Eve had their boys they told them of how they were able to still commune with God, even after the garden. That they had covered themselves with fig leaves and that God had sacrificed an animal to clothe them and that if they wanted to commune with God they too would have to cover their nakedness before Him. At this point, sacrifices had not been set up as the preferred interface with God. They both decide their course of action in order to cover their nakedness and appear before God. Cain sacrifices his first fruits mimicking his parent’s covering themselves with figleaves and Abel sacrifices a first born lamb from his flock along with its fat portions mimicking God’s sacrifice of the first animal when he clothed Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness. When Abel is successful in interfacing with God by the covering of his nakedness through his sacrifice and Cain is not, the record says that Cain is downcast. Again, there is no indication that Adam, Eve, Cain or Abel have insight into what God wanted  the two men to offer. Because of this, God interfaces with Cain to give him hope for the future and a warning.

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is contrary to you, but you must rule over it.”

Genesis 4:7 English Standard Version

Notice that the opposite of acceptance by God for doing well is not death, but that Cain will be overcome by sin; that he will, like his parents, seek his own way to restore his relationship with God. By way of reminder, Cain’s first fruits have already been sacrificed to God; presumably he has nothing else to offer and instead of going in humility to Abel to ask for a first born lamb, he kills him and presumably gains all of his sheep. When God returns to look for Abel to commune with him He doesn’t find him, but says to Cain, “What have you done? Abel’s blood cries out to me from the ground,” an indication that even in  death, the purpose of creation was always unrestricted intersoul communication with God and with one another. Indeed it is a declaration that all of creation shouts continually, that there is an eternally powerful divine one and that He desires to communicate with us.

The Ultimate Secondary Interface

We could continue detailing the many secondary interfaces that people have used to commune with God but I think the point has been made. The ultimate secondary interface with God was established by God himself through the sacrifice of Jesus the Son as the proverbial perfect lamb and by raising Him from the dead He sealed the sacrifice as the final covering for our nakedness before God. Choosing to put on that covering for our nakedness from God is what we now refer to as salvation however most continue in their self gathered fig leaves seeking their own way back to the Father. When their body dies; their primary interface for intersoul communication goes with it and their opportunity to commune with God in the interface He created for that purpose is over.

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