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Faith as a Puzzle

A Brief Example of Acting on Faith When it Seems it Won’t Work Out in the End.

Ideal for those getting acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

Whether it is 100, 1000 or 10,000 pieces, putting together a puzzle is an act of faith. We see the picture on the tin and try to approximate the position of each of the pieces. We can approach the puzzle with many different strategies including finding all the edge pieces, and then collecting all of the pieces of the same colour or shading but until we start to click pieces together and test them against our eyes and the map in our minds we will not start to make any progress on putting the picture together for ourselves. Our lack of faith can often come out to frighten us away from completing the simplest of puzzles. We will doubt and be afraid that even the freshest box of pieces is incomplete from the start and why keep putting the puzzle together if the picture is incomplete? This is a misunderstanding of the point of putting the puzzle together in the first place. If it is merely for my own enjoyment then being robbed of the satisfaction of placing the final piece would defeat the purpose from the start. But with the added purpose of demonstrating faith; putting the puzzle together transcends my own enjoyment or indeed the presence of all of the pieces. In this way the picture is never incomplete; only, perhaps, my copy of it; and even then it demonstrates what is often the case with our copy of the picture–full of holes that obscure parts of the picture. However, the act of faith of putting each piece in its place even when we may think we do not have all of the pieces is an act that says, “I may not have all of the pieces, but the pieces I do have are in the proper positions to show the copy of the picture on the manufacturer’s tin and perhaps when it comes time to place what final pieces I have, the whole of the picture may emerge.”

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