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What follows is a short devotion I wrote in 2020.

Ideal for those getting acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

When I am Empty, I Can Be Full

The one who is teachable is empty of all but Christ so that nothing they once found certain in their own understanding would hinder their current understanding of the truth nor put a stumbling block in the way of those who would otherwise believe and be saved.

The Nature of Truth

The truth and its blessings are not hindered when misattributed, but rather the truth coexists with the lie. Unity for example can be in absolutely anything we desire to be uniform in; (e.g., biblical interpretation, dress code, code of conduct, statement of faith, etc.) these, however, are not the truth of the calibre of unity God calls us to in the scriptures. When unity happens whatever the pretext, God blesses it, because, in truth, our unity as the body of Christ is found in our mutual fellowship with the Father in obedience to the Son and made manifest by the Spirit of God—in other words, not in the paltry excuses for uniformity to which we so often confess.

While God allows us to continue in our delusions, it should be seen as His just discipline when by our misattribution of His blessing, mercy, and grace we sin and drag those who are in our care down with us by our lack of teachability; by being too full of ourselves to be full of the Spirit.

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