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Gospel Guide to Discipleship

Ideal for those already acquainted with our thought process at Ammi Ruhama Community

  “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.” -John 16:12

BEING A DISCIPLE of Jesus starts from a basic observational understanding of nature that there is someone or something out there that is eternally powerful and divine in nature (Rom 1:20) and connecting that observation with the person of Jesus who claimed to be the way to, the truth about and to be living the human life of this eternally powerful and divine being whom He calls Father. From this initial belief in Jesus, the Son, we believe by proxy in the Father (John 12:44).
WE LEARN the proper identity of this eternally powerful, divine one and realize that He has written a book called the Bible, which is a series of oracles written down by his prophets over the course of history–it stands to reason that if we want to know more about this eternally powerful divine one called Father we must then read and accept that everything He says about Himself is true and can be counted as cannon towards understanding what we can about the Father. We learn throughout the Bible about what Father has done from the beginning of the world until now; about creation and the fall of man and the journey back to the Father coming full circle with the coming of God’s hero Jesus, His Son to save the world and lead us back to Himself. We learn that apart from the Father we are people who believe that someone or something else is eternally powerful and divine in nature and we attribute the way the world is to whoever or whatever that is instead of to the Father and we build our lives around it and make decisions based on it to accept it, further it and support those who do the same and learn that all of those things that are not the Father, are human constructs with no basis in the truth.
IF WE ACCEPT this as true; that the Father is the eternally powerful, divine one, that He has done everything that He has said He has done and that we are separated from Him because of our wrong belief, we then have the opportunity to change that belief; calling on the name of Jesus, His Son, who promised full payment on this basis  (John 14:14), renouncing wrong belief and announcing right belief in the Father via the work of Jesus His Son who acted as the way back to the Father through His perfect life and sacrifice on the cross for our sin and resurrection on the third day sealing the curse of sin in the grave forever. Having believed that the Father is who He says He is, and that that He has done through the Son what He says He has done, we then move to the final stage of dying to ourselves–or to put a finer point on it–to be put to death via the waters of baptism and be raised like Jesus was raised; to newness in life and be filled with the third member of the Trinity–the Holy Spirit.
THIS IS THE BEGINNING of our discipleship journey from the initial belief that there is someone or something out there who is eternally powerful to the revelation from Jesus that, that person is the Father and that we aren’t on good terms but that we can be welcomed home with open arms and be filled with His Spirit if we believe, repent and be baptised. I have so much more to say to you.

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